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Open update & patch log on github

21 January 2021: First public release!

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About Star Defenders:
Star Defenders is a sandbox-based 2D game with slightly different approach than regular game in same genre would have.

Tell your friends about it if you like what we do here!

Game idea and development started by Eric Gurt, though there is much more people involved now - more on github where you can also participate in development.

Or even host your own Star Defenders 2D server
(future versions could be cross-connected with main server and redirect players from one server to another eventually, maybe server browser will be a thing soon too. Check this file if you'll need more help).

This game is free to play and open source now. But we would be really happy if you will be able to host your own server and maybe even lead the more active development for the project. Feel free to discuss it at this Discord server (we have much more now).

This game requires at least Windows 10 (with Edge or Chrome browser for best experience). It can somewhat run on Android tablets/phones. It used to work on iPad too, maybe it still does, maybe it works even better now.

If game freezes when tab is inactive - disable "Calculate window occlusion on Windows" and "Enable sleeping tabs" (optionally) by visiting "chrome://flags".
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